The Wines are just how Corrado described them, small windows into this little piece of the world and it’s terroir. No bells, and no whistles… just pure, clean and passionately made wines that talk about a place and time.

His estate stands upon a hill in the far right-end corner of Sicily. When Corrado goes down the northern side of the hill to reach the olive grove, Mt. Etna salutes him. If he goes down along the southern side, all he can see is the deep blue of the seas in front of him. The paths among the vineyards are calcareous-white and at night time with a full-moon, our land shines. He’s not completely wrong when he says he lives in paradise. He has inherited this land from his mother who left it to him, second of four brothers. This land had belonged to his Dad and, before, to his Grandfather. He could have inherited other tracks of land, but instead he inherited this one called, irony of the situation, Buonivini (good wines).

It’s no surprise that he decided to farm them organically, or when he dedicated some of his land in order to experiment on his vines. Nor was it strange when he decided to use only green energy and not to have production residuals. Every day he spends hours in the vineyards looking at his vines thinking about new methods or new utensils.

If you’re puzzled about the perfectionism and maniacal attention with which he looks at his sprouts, Corrado will just look at you like saying: “How can I possibly behave differently? How else could it be? Well, he is this land.

It is not a matter of choice it is simply a way of life with not many compromises. If you see it this way then you feel the land and the land tells you that it doesn’t need anything else. It already has lots of sun, wind and very little water. But it has been this way for such a long that the land has learned to go without it. We just have to help it. That is why Corrado has dedicated part of his vineyards to research  He collaborates with universities and research labs interested in bio agriculture and has planted lots of different indigenous plants to preserve bio-diversity. It is a matter of coherence.



WINE NAME: Bianco della Tenuta

PRODUCER: Tenuta La Favola


APPELLATION: IGP Terre Siciliane

GRAPE VARIETIES: 60% Grillo – 40% Catarratto


YEASTS: Natural



AGED IN: Stainless Steel

AGED FOR: 5 months in tank and 3 months in bottle



TOTAL PRODUCTION: 7,000 bottles


SOIL: very calcareus


DENSITY: 4000 vines/hectare

YIELD: 9,0 tons/hectare


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