Mike Stolese
Mike StoleseOwner
Mike Stolese, Owner, started VWM in 1996 with Joerg after owning several businesses of his own including Stoliz's Bar in Winooski. He also co-owns and produces Burlington Wine and Food with his wife Tracy Stolese. This annual event is held on the Burlington waterfront and is where local meets global. This is an event for wine lovers, foodies and those who are hungry for adventure. This annual event showcases hundreds of wines from all around the globe, creations from Vermont's top chefs, artisanal cheeses as well as other specialty food vendors and local jazz. His specialties lie with his sharp-witted humor and broad knowledge of fine Italian wines. He is easily spotted around town in his Jeep with Nero, his Great Dane, by his side!

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Joerg Klauck
Joerg KlauckOwner
Vermont Wine Merchant's co-founder, Joerg, appreciates wine in its ability to represent food culture and cuisine and, happily, uses Burgundy as a reference point of origin - all that lovely Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with a dash of Aligoté! Joerg enjoys wines that remember their home vineyard and convey their locality in as natural a way as possible. Particular favorites, in addition to Burgundy, range from the Loire, Provence, Savoie, Champagne, California's north coast, South Africa and the Pacific northwest. Living on the western slopes of the Green Mountains gives Joerg and his wife Ann the opportunity to enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, running, cycling, and kayaking along with refreshing rosé breaks. To maintain his Canadian content quotient, Joerg continues to cheer for his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs and to gain a fundamental grasp on French.

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Drew Robinson
Drew RobinsonGeneral Manager
As a native Vermonter with more than a decade of experience in wine, Drew Robinson has a unique and intuitive understanding of the local market.  Drew was born into a restaurant family, and grew up waiting tables and bartending, before ultimately managing restaurants in college.  After leaving college, Drew walked straight into a job in the wine business and has never looked back, devoting his entire adult life to wine.  Drew is happiest when spending time with his wife and kids, and most inspired when traveling and seeking out new vineyards and winemakers.



Abby Kellie
Abby KellieMarketing Director
Abby is a native Vermonter and has worked in the food and wine industry her entire life, from restaurants to wine retail. She is an avid home cook, spending the majority of her time in her kitchen creating and preparing meals and pairing them with wine. She has completed the Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Course and Examination. Abby is always looking to try new wines and believes that good wine and good food should be easy, fun, and accessible to everyone.

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Jennifer Clayton
Jennifer ClaytonPurchasing & Logistics
Jenn joined the VWM staff the Summer of 2007, only weeks after she made the trek cross-country from Southern California, where she had lived all her life. She worked in the bustling film and TV production industry, where she fell in love with images of Vermont via movies that have been filmed here. Jenn’s passion for wine stems from fond memories visiting vineyards, just miles from her house, with family and friends. Jenn brings a little California sunshine to Vermont through her enthusiasm, which is evident in her interactions with customers, suppliers and shippers.

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Kasey Loyer
Kasey LoyerOffice Administrator
Kasey is the newest member to our office team. Being a native Vermonter, she loves all things having to do with being outside. This love for outdoor adventure eventually led her to Boulder, CO where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in visual art from Naropa University. Her oil paintings focus on her appreciation for nature, shining a spotlight on even the smallest twig. After graduating college Kasey returned to Vermont and worked as an art gallery manager and custom picture framer before coming to VWM. Kasey is new to the world of wine and can’t wait to learn more!

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Cheyenne Longwalker
Cheyenne LongwalkerOffice Admin/Warehouse
Cheyenne has a deep love for the arts, dressing fancy without a reservation and miniature anything. She fell in love with Vermont as a child and enjoyed her years at the Waldorf school. She currently she has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from CCV with plans for her Bachelor’s. Before VWM she was interested in wine but felt she had no way to discern if the price was worth it and stuck to inexpensive wine without much character. In her time at VWM she has been exposed to a world of wine she had no idea existed. The amount of people, time and dedication it takes to get one batch of wine bottled, and on the table  truly amazes her as well as the distributing aspect where we make and keep strong Vermont connections. She has been taught a special discipline in the lifting of wine, patience in the handling of wine, and grace in the presentation of wine. She can confidently choose a wine now based on the palate she has developed and terms she has learned. You can catch her browsing art stores and galleries, fawning over her gray long-haired kitten and reciting J.R.R. Tolkien’s works out loud in a surprising range of voices.

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Michelle Miller
Michelle MillerOffice Manager
Michelle joined the team in the Summer of 2010. Originally from New Hampshire, Michelle fell in love with Vermont while vacationing here and made the big move from the Big Apple. When Michelle isn't involved with the theater she enjoys expanding her palate with our fine wines! Michelle is responsible for the general well being of the behind the scenes of The Vermont Wine Merchants.

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Sales Team

James Townsend
James TownsendBurlington Area
James Townsend better known in the trade as JT, was the second employee at Vermont Wine Merchants and has worked here since 1998. Originally from Virginia, James moved to attend college and eventually landed in Burlington where he now resides with his wife and two daughters. JT manages most of our large retail accounts in the Burlington area.


Robert Boehme
Robert BoehmeWashington County
Born in Northern California's Humboldt County, but grew up among the vineyards of Sonoma County learning to cook in some of it's best known restaurants. Spending Two years in San Francisco, honing those skills before receiving an A.O.S degree in Culinary Arts from The New England Culinary Institute in 1995. For the last 15 years Robert  has represented The Vermont Wine Merchants Company with a passion for Wine and Food and how well they fit together.  "Bier is for Drinking. Whiskey is for Sipping. Wine is for Pairing.....And Water is for Rehydrating."


Gerd Hirschmann
Gerd HirschmannSouthwestern Vermont & St. Johnsbury Area
Gerd has been with VWM since the Summer of 2001. He has gathered his extensive wine knowledge over many years in the restaurant business & writes a weekly Column "Wine Experiments" in the Mt. Times in Killington. He is also known for his Tango moves and specializes in wines from Argentina. Gerd has recently earned a degree as a certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers program.

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Holly Kenyon
Holly KenyonChittenden County, Vergennes & the Islands
I've been with The Vermont Wine Merchants Company for seven years. The world of wine excites and interests me immensely. Working for VWM allows me to "walk the world" every day! Exploring and learning about wine, wine country, viniculture and people is fun and fascinating. The rapport I have built and developed with others, while absorbing and gaining knowledge about a field I am passionate about is rewarding and always an adventure. I look forward to the days, weeks and years of sitting..., sniffing..., swirling..., sipping...and soaking up whatever I can of a fantastic glass of wine.


Anthony Wagner
Anthony WagnerCentral Vermont
Anthony grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York. He remembers being in the car and driving passed many Vineyards as a kid and stopping along the way for those wicked sweet concord grape pies, a prelude to the future. He has always been around the foodservice industry in some capacity. Receiving both an Associates degree in Foodservice/Restaurant management and Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology. He worked all throughout college at the greatest grocery store on earth, Wegmans! Moving to Vermont after College in the late 90’s is where Anthony was first bit by the Wine bug working at a local gourmet food and wine shop. From there it has been a passion that hasn’t stopped. He moved back to Western NY for a few years but Vermont was calling his name. It has now been almost 11 years since and deep in the Wine industry for the past 9 years. “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”.


Dave Cote
Dave CoteNorthern Vermont
Dave comes to us with a varied background and knowledge base. He holds a bachelors degree in Adventure Education, and an associates in automotive technology. He has worked as a dealership mechanic, an Alaskan Guide, a corrections officer, and finally landed in the world of wine 5 years ago while living in Juneau, AK. Originally from Massachusetts, he moved to Vermont in October of 2012 with his wife Liz and bought a house way up in the woods of Waterville, VT. Dave enjoys the simple life, gardening, raising chickens, felling timber and basically any excuse for hard labor outside! For fun, Dave tends to get lost in the woods with either hiking boots, or ski's on his feet, and sometimes he even gets vertical on some rock or ice. Though whatever the day holds, Dave likes to finish it with a seasonally appropriate beverage and some good home cooking. It's a wide world of wine out there, so let the adventure begin!


Tiffany Szymaszek
Tiffany SzymaszekBurlington, Vergennes & the Islands
Tiffany joined Vermont Wine Merchants in the fall of 2013 after spending more than a decade in the restaurant industry. Tiffany's passion for wine began at the young age of 15, when she first travelled overseas to Italy on a school trip. Immersing herself in the culture, food and imbibing wine with friends behind her teacher's back, she was hooked. Tiffany spent her early twenties waiting tables in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, reading about wine and traveling to Europe whenever she could. With this foundation, Tiffany moved to Vermont in 2005, finished college and worked in Burlington-area restaurants. Her personal preferences steer toward the weird and funky wines and adores wines from southern Rhone and Piedmont. When she is not working, Tiffany can be found scouring the state for antiques and vintage goods, going on long hikes, or throwing intimate dinner parties.


Rob Ryan
Rob RyanSouthern Vermont
 Rob comes to Vermont from the Big Apple citing the reason of”….wanting to live somewhere that actually had apples.” Always a Vermonter at heart, he never thought that he would have the chance to pursue a career in wine and move to Vermont. Dreams do come true though and he leaped at the chance to see mountains instead of skyscrapers. Mr. Ryan received his education from years as a NYC stand up (he is not that funny in real life) and received a degree in German and Philosophy from Rutgers University, making him really, “Jersey”. Wine is in his blood (Often literally) because as a child his family owned the local liquor store. However, his real career in wine began at 21, when he got his first job as a clerk for a large discount wine retailer. When seeing that people could actually have a life in this business, he studied and worked his way up the latter, eventually leaving to helm one of the state’s best fine wine retailers. Today, he can be seen driving frantically trying in to be in multiple places at once, hiking with his dog cricket, or enjoying Vermont’s culinary excellence.


Katrina Messenger
Katrina MessengerCentral Vermont
Katrina Messenger grew up in the Burlington area and joined our team in spring of 2018. She has spent the last decade working with local distributors selling fine wine. She fell in love with wine while working in the restaurant industry after college. Wine is ever changing and there is always something new to discover. It is this concept that keeps her intrigued and motivated to educate and introduce wine to future wine drinkers. When not doing the day to day at Vermont wine merchants, Katrina loves spending time with family and making memories with her two young children.


Warehouse Drivers & Staff

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Erik Tidman
Warehouse Manager

Pete Cernosia *(and Route Jumper)

Brendan Collins

Alassane (Alou) Diop

Chris Kutchukian

Cheyenne Longwalker *(and office admin)

Rodney Martel

Kevin Ramirez

Jacob Rifken

Stephen Sharon

Will Patlove

Chris Keefer

Andre Carriveau

Brendan Karnes