The Vermont Wine Merchants Company currently carries over 2,000 wines from over 300 producers, both domestic and internationally. Vermont Wine Merchants’ portfolio represents and recognizes the finest brands the industry has to offer. All of our wines are individually selected by the owners to ensure our customers the highest quality product there is to offer in an ever-developing market. Wine selections are made by identifying the significant trends in the wine marketplace; such as emerging regions, increasingly popular varietals and styles, and pace-setting wineries



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  1. I would like to set up and delivery to be sent to my brother there in Burlington. I would like to spend about $50 and I know nothing about wine. Could you please advise what you would recommend?

    1. Hi Afie – we are a wholesale distributor. I would recommend calling a local wine shop to help you out. There are several in Burlington: Burlington Wine Shop, Dedalus, and Wilder Wines are all located in Burlington.

  2. I would like to get in contact with my sales rep. I never seem to see them and your voice message system says their phone numbers are listed on the website. I’ve been wanting to talk to a representative for months now. Can’t seem to find a number…

  3. Supplies Needed

    Greetings, I got your information through the internet. We are authorized business agents, covering the Ghanaian markets and around the west Africa region. Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, sales agent or a sole Entrepreneur.?

    There is an ongoing Tender here in Ghana for the supply of various items. This Tender is open to foreign suppliers whose products meet international market’s standards and also willing to bid for a tender.

    Terms of Payment of an upfront 80% (T/T) will be made to your account before production, while 20% will be paid before shipment. I would work as your local agent on just 2% commission after the deal is successfully achieved. Kindly send your quotation, catalog price lists, packing method, and minimum order, for submission to the Ministry’s Office to enable them to confirm their order and advise the way forward.

    Best Regards
    Mr.David Akaoma
    West African Projects
    P. O. Box CT, 7334, Cantonment- Accra Ghana- West Africa
    Phone: +233235507629

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