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I’m dubbing this wine “Italian Beaujolais”. Light, Fresh, and Fruity! Put a chill on it and take it to the Beach, as they do in Sardegna!!

Monica is an indigenous grape variety from Sardegna (possibly with Spanish origins). The vineyards of Cardedu (car-DAY-do) are in the area of Ogliastra, the most mountainous and least populous province on the island. ‘Praja’ is the Sardinian word for the Italian ‘spiaggia’, or ‘beach’, which is one of the many places you can enjoy this wine. It’s the kind of light red wine that takes well to a slight chilling down; it’s dry and earthy, with just a touch of fruit. Drink it as an aperitivo or with lighter grilled fare (seafood, vegetables, poultry). And it’s a natural partner to Sardinian fregula, a couscous-like toasted pasta.

Produttore / Producer: The vineyards of Cardedu (car-DAY-do) are in the area of Ogliastra, the most mountainous and least populous province on the island; a land of turquoise shimmer and ragged-dry cliffs. Here on the southeast coast of Sardegna the Loi family grows and makes wines from the native varieties Vermentino, Cannonau, and Monica. Cardedu is one of the island’s better known traditional producers. The Loi family doesn’t think of itself as a natural wine producer; they are not in that hipster giro / circle. Yet all wines are fermented with native yeasts, and there’s dry farming without use of herbicides or pesticides.

Cardedu ‘Praja’ Monica di Sardegna
Vigna / Vineyard
Denominazione / Appellation: Monica di Sardegna.
Nome / Name: Tenute di Fassoni.
Suoli / Type of soils: Sandy loam soil.
Vitigni / Varieties: Monica.
Età delle viti / Vine age: 10 years old.
Allevamento / Trellis system: Low espalier.
Data di vendemmia / Harvest date: Second week of September.
Metodo di vendemmia / Harvest technique: Hand harvested.
Metodo agricolo / Agricultural technique: Lotta integrata.
Resa / Yield: 7000 kilograms / hectare.
Cantina / Cellar
Lieviti / Yeasts: Native yeasts.
Fermentazione alcolica / Alcoholic fermentation: 12 days in controlled temperature stainless steel.
Fermentazione malolattica / Malolactic fermentation: Yes.
Affinamento / Élevage: Cement and stainless steel tanks.
Chiarificazione, filtrazione / Clarification, filtration: Unfiltered.
Zolfo / Sulphur: 75 mg/L total, 16 mg/L free.
Altri prodotti aggiunti? / Other products added?: None.
Gradazione alcolica / Alcoholic %:14%.
Tappo e bottiglia / Closure and bottle: Natural cork, 750 ml Bordeaux bottle.

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