Iapetus is more than the name of an ancient ocean that once covered the present-day Champlain Valley.  As a concept, it is the beginning of a story hundreds of millions of years old. It is as much about the past as it is about the future. Just as geology induces transition over time, Iapetus will serve as an evolution for us as winegrowers in how we pursue our working relationship with wine. It is a shifting of time, of scale, and way of thinking. We are not dogmatic in our principals, but rather endeavor to continually experiment, discover, and improve our stewardship of this storied land. In this way, Iapetus is just a slide in this continuous film, a photograph of a moment now and in the years to come. Iapetus is wine.

Iapetus Substrata 2019

A light-bodied blend of Louise Swenson & Itasca fermented and aged in oak barrels. Mellow and smooth, with notes of coconut, pineapple and melon, and a zippy finish.

Iapetus Antecedent 2019

A tangy, dry, and refreshing 100% Riesling with bright acidity and a lingering finish. Rested for 7 months in an oak barrel that previously held our Marquette, giving the wine a soft rosy glow and a touch of tannin.

Iapetus Alluvium 2020

Spontaneously-fermented, unfiltered, and unfined rosé composed primarily of Petite Pearl and Marquette. Notes of ripe red fruits, licorice, and earth.

Iapetus Tectonic 2019

Tectonic is a unique white wine made by allowing white grapes to ferment on their skins. 100% La Crescent this orange wine offers beautiful aromatics of dried tangerine peel, pear skin, rose water and apple blossoms.

Iapetus Subduction 2018

100% Marquette. The majority of the grapes head to tank destemmed and uncrushed, with 10% left as whole cluster,

additional stems added back. This is an energetic red with mineral notes cutting through the black fruit

Iapetus Protolith 2020

90% Marquette, 10% Riesling—Arctic Riesling Piquette. Whole-cluster ferment, foot-trodden grapes, aged on lees. Notes of purple flowers and brambly berry fruit.


Iapetus Tributary Pet Nat 2020***

Skins and seeds from six grape varieties blended with water in a 50/50 ratio. Piquette, a centuries old beverage enjoyed by farmhands and vineyard workers. A refreshing, natural sparkler with cranberry, underripe plum and wild blackberry.


Iapetus Figure 1 Pet Nat 2020***

100% L’Acadie Blanc, a Canadian grape varietal that produces a rich and flavorful wine with notes of crisp apple and citrus.

Iapetus Figure 2 Pet Nat 2020

96% La Crescent, 4% Riesling + Arctic Riesling piquette. Fresh energy and tiny bubbles. Notes of lemon drop, honeyed grapefruit, and fresh spring air.

Iapetus Figure 3 Pet Nat 2020

76% Marquette rosé; 18% St. Croix rosé; 6% Piquette. Creamy-textured mousse. Strawberry-cranberry with a round, dark cherry finish. A crackle of herbs (rosemary, rubbed lavender) and pepper adds dimension.


***Highly Allocated.

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