New Pet Nat's from Terroir Wine Group - the Dominio de Punctum Petulante White and Rosato from Spain! Organic, modestly priced and all natural!

The Petulante White offers delightful citrus & floral aromas. On the palate, it has flavors of green apple, lemon and elderflower, along with mineral notes.

The Petulante Rosato is bright and crisp with aromas of berries and watermelon. Delicate red summer fruit notes. Medium bodied and well structured acidity.

"Petulante, a wordplay on Pét Nat, is a pétillant naturel. Although its rise to popularity is quite recent, this winemaking technique that has been practiced for centuries. Our approach goes beyond a naturally sparkling wine, as we incorporate our organic and vegan winemaking process. The result is a delicious, rustic wine with minimal intervention, enjoying all the benefits and authentic flavours of organic farming."

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