In the past 5-10 years the rosé presence in the U.S. and Vermont has dramatically changed. Those same rosé wines that were in short supply when wineries were making a handful of limited amounts of Rosé for the Spring and Summer are now abundantly available, many all year round. Other producers saw the growing category and have jumped into the rosé game, it's currently the fastest growing segment of the wine industry.


In years past, Vermont Wine Merchants offered a pre-sell for the upcoming rosés, to secure what we needed to of a short supply. Those days are gone. Rosé is a year-round wine and it makes no more sense to offer a pre-sell for these wines as it does for any other group of everyday wines (Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.)


At Vermont Wine Merchants, we have adjusted our sales approach to rosé to meet these current trends. No longer do we expect buyers to commit to large drops of seemingly scarce wines, but rather offer a different, more up-to date approach. We will be inventorying a large portfolio of rosé wines for you to choose from, that will be available out of our warehouse on an everyday basis, always at the same great price.